What’s it like to live with less?

Minimalism Film

How much is too much?

We each have our own comfort level with what we need to live, what we need to make us happy – how big our home should be, how much stuff we should have, which stuff we should have, how we should spend our time, etc.  But if, like many others today, you have a nagging suspicion that it might just all be too much, you may be interested in this new, award-winning film by The Minimalists.

The Minimalists are the authors of an immensely popular blog about the benefits and how-tos of living with less, and their new film promises to “examine the many flavors of minimalism by taking the audience inside the lives of minimalists from all walks of life. From minimalist architects, designers, and musicians, to businessmen, authors, and minimalist families, this film explores various recipes for how to live a more meaningful, deliberate life. Not a perfect life, not an easy life—a simple one.”

As defined by the authors, Minimalism is a lifestyle that helps people question what things add value to their lives—clearing the clutter from life’s path so we can make room for the most important things.

Given what I do for a living, you might correctly assume that I have Minimalist tendencies. While I don’t live in a teeny tiny house (yet), and I own a few more things than I truly need, I most certainly skew toward the Minimalist end of the spectrum. Always have. For me, it’s the lifestyle that makes me happy – by not requiring lots of cash to buy lots of stuff that I don’t need, I am free to pursue my passions with less regard to how much money I make.  (Not NO regard, mind you, but less.)  It doesn’t make me any more virtuous than anyone else, and I’m not out to “convert” anyone, but it sure does make my life a lot simpler than many.

Whatever your tendencies, if you’re curious about what life might be like with less stuff, take a look at the movie trailer below, to find out if it’s something you’d like to see.

How to see the film.  Yes, you have to plan ahead.  Soon.

This is a special limited release, which means Minimalism will show in Newark only if enough tickets are sold. This means you can’t wait till the night of the showing to get your tickets—you have to reserve your tickets by May 10 if you want the film to play here.  Per the site, credit cards won’t be charged unless and until the quota is met, so you have nothing to lose by reserving your ticket now.

To reserve your ticket to the May 24 showing at Peoples Plaza Stadium 17, click here.

“Imagine a life with less: less stuff, less clutter, less stress, less debt, less discontent. A life with fewer distractions. Now imagine a life with more: more time, more meaningful relationships, more growth, more contribution, more contentment. A life of passion that is unencumbered by the trappings of the chaotic world around you. What you’re imagining is an intentional life. Not a perfect life—not an easy life—but a simple life.”

Official Trailer:

I’m looking forward to seeing this film!  How about you?


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