Privacy Policy

Organized For Life believes confidentiality and privacy are critically important. This is how we protect yours:

General policy:

  • We NEVER share any personal information about our clients with anyone - including the fact that we are working together - unless the client specifically asks or authorizes us to do so.
  • We collect only the personal information necessary for our work, such as your name, address, phone number and email address.
  • We do not save your credit card or other financial payment information. Ever.
  • On the rare occasion that you authorize us to use your credit card information to order/purchase products for your project, it is a one-time use authorization and we retain only the authorization form with the card information redacted.

Text messaging policy:

  • By providing us with your cell phone number, texting us, or notifying us that text messaging is your preferred communication method, you give us permission to communicate with you via text messaging, until such time as you ask us to stop. Asking us to stop can be: texting STOP to us, emailing us to stop, or verbally asking us to stop.
  • We only use text messaging for convenience and timeliness, to: respond to information requests, send you appointment reminders, or communicate with you regarding our work together.
  • We will NEVER send you marketing text messages, or automated text messages of any kind.