Client Reviews and Comments

“To say that Pat changed my life is an understatement. I had amassed an embarrassingly large volume of emails (think 5 digits big) and didn’t know where to start, so I kept ignoring it. I started getting anxiety that I was missing important things so I reached out to Pat. After a few conversations, she came up with a clear plan of action. Not to mention, it was all done remotely! Once she organized my inbox, we discussed what she did and the path forward so that it didn’t happen again. Fast forward 3 months and the tools she gave me are working and I don’t get anxiety looking at the number of unread emails anymore. Highly recommend!”
~ Katrina B., Google 5-star review

“Pat, thank you so much for helping me focus and prioritize my day-to-day business process! I felt so scattered before we talked, but not only did you coach me through my transition from one business to another but you gave me concrete ideas which have made the world of difference. Thank you!!”
~ Anita O., Facebook 5-star review

“Pat provided me with just the jump start I needed to get my business on track for the new year! She posed questions with the goal of offering suggestions that would best fit MY style…Our time together yielded benefits beyond my home office. I now know how to lessen the clutter (and stress) in my home as well. Thanks so much Pat!”
~ Nicolle S., Google 5-star review

“If you are struggling with an organization problem, this is the place to come for advice and guidance. I am extremely pleased with the wealth of information given to me by Pat. I consider myself organized but she has shown me what I needed to improve myself and to help the people I care about. Very grateful! Thanks Pat!”
~ Jennifer C., Facebook 5-star review

“I have been working with Organized For Life (Pat) and she is amazing! Got my house, my paperwork and my work stuff running smoothly!”
~ Tracy H., Nextdoor.com recommendation

“I absolutely love the closets and am so glad that I did them. I need that extra storage space for sure. It is perfect!!!”
~ Nancy S., emailed review

Seminar Reviews and Comments

“Pat’s passion for organizing showed in her preparation and workshop delivery. A fun exercise demonstrated the impact of being organized on productivity. Among the many lessons she shared was the importance of deleting digital data and documents that are no longer needed. Thanks, Pat!”
~ Janet Wurtzel, Inspiration Spaces at Delaware Libraries, LinkedIn recommendation

“Pat divulged tons of information and gave me hope that I can tackle my digital clutter.”
~ Lois H.

“Pat had lots of good ideas. She’s enthusiastic and makes it seem like it is possible to get things manageable.”
~ Tricia K.

The best thing about this workshop was… “Everything.”
~ Troy A.